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We are excited that you have decided to work with Symbiotic Landscapes for your landscape design. The first step of the design process is our initial site visit. As you walk us through your site, we will take notes on your ideas and concerns as well our own observations. This is your opportunity to point out specific elements of your site that may be difficult to describe over the phone or through pictures.

  • Use and functionality: How much time do you want to spend outside, and what do you see yourself doing? Will you be entertaining guests? Do you like to sit outside and observe wildlife? Would you like your garden to have space for learning activities for your children? Do you envision a vegetable garden in your space?

  • Your personal style: What elements do you like and dislike in a garden? Collect photos that show elements of design that you prefer. This will help us understand your preferences as we develop your design. Try to take down some notes about elements that works or what doesn't work for you. Some questions to guide your notes may be:

           What would you like to see out your windows?


           How would you like to feel in your garden?

           How much time do you see yourself maintaining your new landscape

           (watering, weeding, pruning)?

           What do you like most about your home’s surroundings?

           What exterior architectural features do you like about your house?

  • Existing conditions: What problems do you currently have with the area? A good design will address existing site problems as well as be aesthetically pleasing. Do you have an area that is holding water? An area that won't grow grass? Erosion problems?

  • Limitations: Are there any specific limitations or restraints that need to be taken into account as we design your landscape? Examples include: setbacks, easements, property boundaries, critical areas, underground utilities, drainage pipes. Having knowledge of limitations ahead of time will help to avoid unexpected delays and obstacles from coming up during the design process.

  • Budget: What is your budget? Do your research so you know what to expect and decide on an amount that you feel comfortable with. Symbiotic Landscapes will create a space with your budget in mind, choosing materials and designing spaces that address your needs.

The final thing to remember for our initial site visit is to have fun! This is a creative process. Symbiotic Landscapes is your companion through out the installation, not just during the design phase. In the end, you will have a beautiful new space to look forward to and enjoy.