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Residential Landscape Design Packages


We offer a Garden Consultation service to help get clients started in the process, which includes planting selection, layout and guidance especially helpful for DIY projects.

The Garden Consultation package includes:

  • 45 minute walk through of your property.
  • Answer any questions related to: design, layout, phasing, plant ID, plant choices and placement, hardscape options, project costs, feasibility of ideas, etc.
  • Emailed personalized list of suggested plants and planting plan layout for your garden.

Typical Residential Garden Consultation fees range from $600 – $800, depending the size and complexity of planting area.


Symbiotic Landscapes offers the full Landscape Design service for clients that require a complete and detailed plan. Schedule an initial meeting if you are interested in Full Landscape Design. The Full Landscape Design provides you with a detailed, scaled and fully denoted plan. The phases include Site Analysis, Design and Construction Drawings. The initial meeting allows you to learn about the design process, and allows us to learn about your project. We can discuss the feasibility of your ideas and may offer some basic design & budgeting advice verbally. (You are welcome to take notes). After the meeting, a written proposal will be sent to you describing the scope and fee for a Full Design.

The Full Design Process:

  1. Site Analysis Site visit & consultation with client, measure entire site, document existing plants, photograph, draw base map in CAD (using existing site plan if available), map drainage, diagram views and usage.
  2. Design– Initial schematic design offering 1-2 options presented for clients’ input, followed by several drafts of developed plans, preliminary plant selection, illustrative perspective renderings.
  3. Construction Drawings– Final CAD construction plans to scale (11”x 17”), hardscape & planting plan, plant list, including plant availability research.
  4. Installation Estimate– One estimate from a vetted contractor. Client may solicit separate estimates to compare.

Typical Residential Design Fees range from $1,400 – $1,850, depending on scope and complexity.


In addition to design, Symbiotic Landscapes provides Project Management for the installation phase. A typical client will have completed a Full Design from Symbiotic Landscapes for their landscape, and then hire us to manage the construction by a vetted contractor, or a contractor selected by the client.

Why Hire a Project Manager? 

There are so many ways a design can be interpreted on paper, especially by a contractor and crew members who weren’t necessarily part of the design process. The Project Manager can serve as the bridge between the client and the contractor. While Design-Build companies can potentially function without a gap in communication between designer and builder, it has been our experience that even these types of companies benefit from a Project Manager who can step back and see the larger picture. You can save money, usually more than the amount equal to the cost of hiring a Project Manager, because you avoid costly mistakes that have to be re-done due to misinterpretation.

While the Landscape Plan should have as much information as possible, and strives to serve as a detailed road map, most often contractors do not actually study it, and quite often, it is not even present on the job site. The Project Manager is there at key stages during the construction to make sure there is no misinterpretation.

Symbiotic Landscapes offers Project Management as an add-on service to the Full Landscape Design. 

Typical Project Management fees (added to the cost of the Full Landscape Design) range from $1,000 – $1,200, depending on scope and complexity.


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