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Christiane Broussard

Owner, Landscape designer

Throughout her career, Christiane has gained valuable experience in various aspects of landscaping. She has been involved in projects focused on mitigating wetlands and waterways through strategic planting, helping to restore and preserve fragile ecosystems. Her expertise extends to creating beautiful and functional gardens for schoolyards and local homeowners, where she brings together her knowledge of sustainable practices and her eye for design.

In addition to her design work, Christiane has served as a critical areas planner for a local government. This role has allowed her to gain insights into regulatory processes and the importance of balancing environmental protection with community needs. Christiane acts as a liaison between government planning departments and homeowners, facilitating communication and ensuring compliance with regulations while advocating for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Christiane shares her life with her husband in Snohomish, WA. They have dedicated their property as an animal sanctuary, where they currently care for six rescue goats and two rescue dogs.

Christiane's diverse background, encompassing sustainable land management, ecological design, and government planning, has shaped her holistic approach to landscape design. Her deep-rooted love for plants, dedication to environmental sustainability, and passion for animal welfare are evident in her work at Symbiotic Landscapes, where she strives to create harmonious outdoor spaces that prioritize the interconnectedness of nature, design, and the well-being of

all living beings. With her strong commitment to ecological integrity,

Christiane Broussard continues to make a positive impact in the field of landscape design, transforming landscapes into thriving ecosystems that benefit both people and the natural world.


We highly recommend Symbiotic Landscape! Christiane listened to our ideas and was engaged with us about what we were seeking in the landscape design for our property. We were impressed with her education and vast knowledge about native plants, and understanding of what will grow in the Pacific Northwest climate, and in particular the different grades, drainage and sun exposure on our property. Christiane expertly managed our project from beginning to end.Read More